Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bright Night For The Mets

Last night may be the biggest highlight for the Met's entire season. There was no one in the whole country except for Daniel Murphy, David Wright and Lucas Duda who thought Mariano Rivera could be beaten. The way that it happened was even more remarkable. The Met's now have a serious chance at winning the subway series for the first time in many years.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Met's Minor League Options

I got a chance to see the Las Vegas 51's this weekend. While they have some bats, I'm not sure what the direction of the Met's minor league system is. Wilmer Flores and Josh Satin were the two players who stuck out for me. It seemed like Satin was trying out at first to see if he could come up to replace Ike Davis. He has a great swing, but not much power. Flores on the other hand, has great potential. I'm not sure he has a position though. After watching the Omaha Storm Chaser field championship teams with top prospects I may  have higher expectations for a minor league system. That being said, the Met's may have a long road in front of them if there is a shortage of home grown talent.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Chris Sale Pitches A Gem

Chris Sale ended the weekend with a masterful performance against the Angels. Only a Mike Trout single kept him from throwing a no hitter. Sale worked efficiently all night. I have only seen him pitch a few times before tonight, but I like his style. One thing that sticks out is his nonchalant demeanor on the mound. His delivery is also very deceiving. I'm not sure how hitters can even pick up what pitch he is throwing since he hides the ball so well behind his 6-6 frame. I will defiantly make time to watch his future starts.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Met's Have A True Ace

Wow. Matt Harvey delivered an epic performance tonight. Despite his superb start to the season I did not think Harvey was at this level yet. I was wrong. The White Sox, who for their credit were coming off a tough series with K.C., were totally dominated tonight. Harvey's 12 K's tonight were in line with his usual strikeout ratio. Think about that for a minute. It's shame that this team does not have a few more weapons, both starting pitchers and position players. With Zack Wheeler wait in AAA though, the Met's might be able to copy the 2010 Giants and win despite not being able to score runs.

Matt Harvey allows only one hit while fanning 12 batters over nine innings.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

James Shields

Last night the Royals showed how explosive their bats could be. They also showed what adding a front line pitcher can do for a team. James Shields kept his composure after some early runs and provided 7 high quality innings. So many times trades do not live up to what they did for their previous team. That is not the case with Shields. In the 6th inning the Royals offense took advantage of mistakes and were alert on the base paths. Mike Moustakas came up big with a two run homer that chased the Rays starter Alex Cobb. The Royals are continuing their very solid play. With a solid bullpen to go with the hot bats and starting pitching, they are getting in to a good routine.

Bad Night Extends To Bad Day For The Mets

After losing to the Marlins in the 15th inning on Monday, the Met's lost in the bottom of the 9th after 8 great innings by Jeremy Hefner. These last 2 nights may be hard to recover from. First, the bullpen is shot for awhile. Two, these types of loses can be mentally draining. The Met's need to right the ship very soon or we could be talking about a 100 loss team. On the bright side, John Buck continues to club long homers. Hopefully he will get a shot at the all-star games since it's at Citi.