Sunday, October 26, 2014

K.C. Once Again Looks To James Shields In Game 5

It's been a familiar theme for the Royals this year. There's a key game in a series and James Shields has the ball in his hand. When they traded for Shields a game like tonight's was a far off dream, one that most did not even dare share that they dream t. For the Royals it has now become a reality, but there seem to be questions if this is the same 'big game James'. After a rough playoffs this year, Shields can redeem himself on the biggest stage. With everything riding on he start tonight I think Shields will regain his form and bring the Royals within a game on the Championship. Shields realizes that chances to get a ring are rare and will once again show why the Royals traded for him.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Royals kick off the Wold Series at home

The amazing run of the Royals continues tonight against the San Francisco Giants. After a 5 day layoff the team looks to continue it's 8 game winning streak. Both teams enter the World Series on a high note after exciting series's against Baltimore and St. Louis. Throughout the post season the Royals have used their amazing speed and defense to grind out win after win, look for more of the same. The Giants have had timely hit after timely hit to help make up for defensive mistakes. So, who has the advantage?

The Royals seem to have the media, fans and country on their side. Everyone likes an underdog, but are they really an underdog? While fundamental baseball vanished from the game during the steroid era, it was alive and well in K.C., mainly due to financial constraints. Ironically, it is these fundamentals will lead they to a World Series championship this year. What I'm seeing is a Royals victory in game 5 or 6. We will continue to see more of the same 1 run victories and the veteran Giants will hit the same brick wall as the A's, Angels and Orioles.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Royals head into game three of the ALCS

After gutting out two wins in Baltimore, the Kansas City Royals will have three home games to win two, and advance to the World Series. This has been a most improbable run, but the team has grown up quick. Most thought that the Royals would just be happy with making the playoffs, or beating the A's, or beating the Angels. That has clearly not been the case. The Royals should be able to continue their run with Jeremy Guthrie on the hill tonight. He has been almost as good as James Shields in games like this and there is no reason for him to not show up. If they can close out Baltimore it may be the biggest upset since the Miracle Met's, who ironically beat the O's in 1969.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Royals head to Baltimore

The Royals have really gotten the most out of their first post season in 29 years. They looked more like the New York Yankees than the Royals in dismantling the Angels. As the team moves on to Baltimore to play the Orioles anything is possible. In the playoffs deep bullpen pitching can make up for a lack of offense. Just look at what the San Francisco Giants have been able to do. So, as this series starts I expect it to be even more thrilling than the A's and Angel's games. This Royals team has shown that they will not back down. While Baltimore is just as hot of a team, I think the Royals bullpen edge will let them take this series. It may be a 7 game series, what else would you expect in this crazy Royals season.