Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Royals kick off the Wold Series at home

The amazing run of the Royals continues tonight against the San Francisco Giants. After a 5 day layoff the team looks to continue it's 8 game winning streak. Both teams enter the World Series on a high note after exciting series's against Baltimore and St. Louis. Throughout the post season the Royals have used their amazing speed and defense to grind out win after win, look for more of the same. The Giants have had timely hit after timely hit to help make up for defensive mistakes. So, who has the advantage?

The Royals seem to have the media, fans and country on their side. Everyone likes an underdog, but are they really an underdog? While fundamental baseball vanished from the game during the steroid era, it was alive and well in K.C., mainly due to financial constraints. Ironically, it is these fundamentals will lead they to a World Series championship this year. What I'm seeing is a Royals victory in game 5 or 6. We will continue to see more of the same 1 run victories and the veteran Giants will hit the same brick wall as the A's, Angels and Orioles.

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