Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ike Davis Traded To The Pirates

Well, everyone knew that this was coming at some point. It's a good thing that it was handled early in the season because situations like this can get very ugly, especially in New York. On the flip side of things, Ike Davis was a class act and was a good Met. Looking forward, Lucas Duda will now have to prove why he won the first base job. He is off to a productive start and having Josh Satin play against lefties will help him even more. On another note, the Met's as a team really need to improve on the amount of strikeouts they have at the plate. I know Duda will strikeout around 140 times this year, but with Davis moving on the team just got ride of an additional 100 at least.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Mets Have To Be Glad To Be Out Of L.A.

Boy, that series turned really ugly fast. Bartolo Colon looked like a batting practice pitcher who was selected to throw to someone in the home run derby contest. I really hope this was just a case of a pitcher going back to his old league and the team just knew him that well. Pitchers have bad days, but when thy are over 40 it makes you wonder if they have just lost their stuff. I'm glad that David Wright and Daniel Murphy showed some heart and got kicked out. If I was them I wouldn't have wanted to stick around for the rest of that game either. Things should go better for the team tonight as they face Arizona who has had an even worse start than the Mets.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Royals Are Picking Up Where They Left Off Last Year

In the American League a strong bullpen will get you very far. Last year the Royals had one of the best ones in decades. After a slow first series to the season, the bullpen (sans Wade Davis) and the rest of the team seem to be back on track. When you had the ball to Greg Holland you can sit back, relax and make your dinner plans. This guy is in his prime and a master on the mound under high pressure situations. I'm also liking Alex Gordon batting behind Billy Butler. You can just see the better pitches Butler is now seeing. As the season progresses we will see if the numbers back this up. If the Royals can get the sweep today it would cap a great home start to their year.

Ike Davis States His Case For More At Bats

Just when it looked like Lucas Duda had pushed Ike Davis to the verge of trade or release, he hits an unbelievable walk off grand slam home run. Does this make the Met's reconsider their decision? Will they try to get Duda some at bats in the outfield? That being said, I think the Met's have made their decision and need to trade Davis as soon as possible. They have seen the results of a full season of Davis at first. They have also seen the troubles Duda has had hitting while playing in the outfield. So, it was good to see Davis have a great moment yesterday, but in the long run I think it's still best for both sides to move on.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Met's Pick Up Their First Win Of The Season

Interesting game last night. Jenrry Mejia looked like a young Pedro Martinez last night, both in his pitching and his intensity. If you had never watched the Met's before you would have thought that he was their ace. The game ended with even more 'Dominican mafia' flare with Jose Valverde closing the game out after allowing a few base runners. On the offensive side, Lucas Duda no doubt had confidence at the plate after being named the starting first basemen. He responded with 2 well timed home runs. Considering the poor weather, his home runs were very impressive. The rest of the team still seems to be struggling to get things going. For the Met's to be competitive they are going to have to get hits out of 1-8.