Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Little Offense For The Royals

Just imagine how well the Royals would be doing if they had hit like they did last night for even a part of this season. The offense provided last night helped Ervin Santana relax and just pitch his game. For most of the season Royals starting pitchers have been on edge, hoping that they can pitch a perfect game each time they go out. James Shields has had numerous starts where he has pitched masterpieces and ended up getting a loss. I know that George Brett has brought a new approach to the team, I'm not sure if bringing him in automatically made the Royals better hitters, but it seems to have energized the team. Eric Hosmer has looked like a different person over the last week. If Hosmer and Billy Butler can keep improving, these Royals will become what everyone has expected.

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