Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm On The Royals Bandwagon

Having watched most of the Royals games this year I have gained an appreciation for what they have built. Now having seen the team play in person I'm convinced this team has a bright bright future. Never mind the brilliant pitching by James Shields today, it was the Royals lineup that stole the show. You could feel the confidence of the hitters in the stands today. Alex Gordon looked as if he was taking batting practice today. His home run proved to be the game winner, but his 2 other hits were textbook. Now looking at the top 5 hitters in this line up I see nothing but trouble for teams in the stretch run of this pennant race. Yes, I said pennant race and Royals in the same sentence. A few weeks ago it looked as if they would have a decent season, maybe finish over .500, but now they have a great shot at the division or wild card. We have seen teams peak late in the season lately and I think this is the latest team to ride the tide into the playoffs. This team is hungry, young and they are having fun. That is a bad mix for the opposition in the stretch run to October. It was also great to see the fans once again pack Kaufman Stadium. It won't be the last time this season either.

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