Saturday, September 14, 2013

AL Wild Card Race 2013

The wild card race in the AL this year may end up being the best chase to end a season ever. Having four teams within 3.5 games has made for some great baseball. This has also made for some good games from teams who have been out of it for months. It's really hard to make a prediction on who will end up with the two spots. Tampa seems to be in some real trouble, September is not the time to slump. I also get the feeling that Texas is in some big trouble as well. I have a hunch that the baseball God's will line up a New York versus Baltimore one game playoff. With the recent bad blood that has been show between these two it would set up a classic one game show down. Despite injuries the Yankees have continued to battle. One other possibility is that the Royals put it all together over the last two weeks of the season and face off with the other last team standing. In past years we have seen teams get hot in the last two weeks and go on a world series run. With a young team and a strong bullpen K.C. might have enough left in the take.

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