Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Big Game James Takes The Ball For K.C. In The Playoffs

So the Royals made the playoffs, now what? It would be easy to be content with just making the playoffs after 29 years, and I'm sure a few fans are, but with a pitching staff and bullpen like the Royals have they could actually make a run. Playoff baseball games are usually low scoring games that come down to solid defense and having the right people in the bullpen. They Royals have used this formula all year, and with James Shields on the mound they should only have to use the big 3 in their bullpen. Once again Royals will need to do what got them here. Speed, defense and pitching. Tonight may be a flashback to 1980's National League baseball full of singles. doubles and stolen bases. Jon Lester will be tough, but if they go in with a game plan to just get singles they will have a shot. With Big Game James on the mound the Royals should be able to shock the world and show the A's what money ball is all about.

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