Tuesday, April 23, 2013

200 More Wins For King Felix?

Last night Felix Hernandez won the 100th game of his dominant career. You have to wonder how many wins he would have if he played for good teams all of these years. At age 27 he is just now entering his prime. In the era of over cautiousness with arms, Hernandez has pitched over 230 innings per year over the past 4 season. I'm not sure if he will be able to keep up this pace into his mid 30's, but I think King Felix could be the only 300 game winner of his time. At some point the Mariners will be competitive again and by time that happens it could lessen the strain that they put on Hernandez. There are only a hand full of pitchers that you can just sit and watch pitch 8-9 innings every time out. It's great to be able to enjoy guys like this in their prime. If you have not sat back and watched King Felix, I suggest you take some time and watch this artist in action.

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