Sunday, April 28, 2013

Royals Look Solid

Ervin Santana gave the Royals yet another strong outing. The Royals seem to have corrected the starting pitching problem that kept them from contending the past few years. The starting pitching staff is also providing quality, the staff as a whole has an era under 4.00. When you combine the pitching improvements with the young bats, you get an instant playoff contender. Billy Butler may be the must under rated player in the american league. His numbers are pretty much in line with HOF George Brett's start to his career.

Watching this team they have a different confidence to them. The at bats are better, there are less mental errors in the field and when its the bottom of the 9th, you know they are going to pull it out. While we are still in April, I think we are in for an exciting run for the Royals. Watch them when you get a chance.

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