Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Eric Hosmer Is Playing Like An All-Star

Last year Eric Hosmer started off very slow and then exploded in the second half of the season. The way that he is started this year, he might be in contention for an MVP if the Royals make a run. It has been great to watch Hosmer evolve over the past few years. There were times when his swing just wasn't there and times when he lacked confidence at the plate. It is clear that he has matured and grown into a patience and pronounced presence at the plate. What makes this even better, is that he has evolved as a fielder as well. His gold glove last season may be the first of many to come. He has saved countless runs with his picks at first base. After a 8-0 blowout today, maybe the Royals can also get back to full form. Check out his 2014 Topps baseball card below.


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