Saturday, May 24, 2014

How Are The Blue Jays Doing It?

Look who's at the top of the A.L. East, the Toronto Blue Jays. I'm sue most writers picked the Jays to be a last place team in this division, that's not a bad thing though, most had the Red Sox in the same position last year. To this point the only player that has had a stand out year has been Mark Buehrle, his 8-1 record has given them their over .500 record. On the offensive side of things Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista are both well into double digit home runs already, but in the A.L. there are a few teams that can usually have that on their resume. The real question is if this team is built for the long haul of the season. With no other really dominate pitchers I think they are going to hit a rough patch where they won't be able to rely on offensive out bursts. We will see, remember it's still May.

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