Friday, December 13, 2013

Curtis Granderson and Bartolo Colon

These were two very good signings for the Met's. After years of sitting out of the free agent market they jumped back in and made a few smart moves. Sandy Alderson knew that the team need to make some big changes in the outfield. While both Chris Young and Curtis Granderson were not coming off of good years in 2013, they have major talent and a high upside. Adding Bartolo Colon for only 2 years is a smart stop gap in their young pitching staff. I'm sure the young arms can learn something from this crafty veteran as well. The team also stayed away from long term contracts that could come back to haunt them. No 8 year $100 million plus contracts to have to unload. I'm still not convinced this team will make the playoffs, but if they are able to get a first baseman I might change my mind. They also need a another arm in the bullpen, but doesn't every team.

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