Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Will K.C. Bring Carlos Beltran Back?

Is it possible that after years of being a developmental team for the Yankees and other contending teams that the Royals will now do the right thing? By bringing Carlos Beltran back they can make a real run at the post season, create fan excitement and possibly have a class act retire and go into the hall of fame as a Royal. In my opinion the Royals need to spend whatever they need to spend to bring Beltran back at this point. The idea of this homecoming has already created more buzz for Royal fans who were already expecting big things next year. The recent articles make it look like a very real possibility that the deal could be done soon. I also think the team could keep Billy Butler  for two more years as Beltran was an everyday play in right last season. He seems to have rebounded from his injury plagued time with the Met's. By having both of these bats plus the other hitters in that lineup, this team could go very far. Guess we will see what happens.

Update: Here are a few articles that are going both ways on the Royals obtaining Beltran. Things don't seem to be changing even though the Royals picked up Norichika Aoki.

Carlos Beltran May Not Be a Good Deal for the Royals

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