Sunday, December 8, 2013

Robinson Cano To The Mariners

When a team wants to over pay like this it's very hard to compete with them. While the Mariners are making other moves to try and build a winner, it is going to be very hard to just throw together expensive pieces and win a pennant. I believe the Yankees did the right thing in not re-signing Robinson Cano. He's nor Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera or Andy Pettitte. He is a solid second baseman and maybe a future hall of famer if he puts up some big numbers, but he is not a brand like the others I mentioned. The Yankees will surely waste some of the money that they saved. The Carlos Beltran deal might not work out. The Jacoby Ellsbury deal might go south as well. The thing is, is that the $240 million they saved can go a long way at making many small mistakes, and this is the Yankee way. By small mistakes I mean $50-$100 million dollar deals, since it's New York We are talking about. I'm sure the Mariners and their fans are happy, so for now both sides are content. The winner in the end once again is the players union.

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