Saturday, November 23, 2013

Off Season Action

Things got off to a fast start this week with a few high profile trades. I was surprised by the Prince Fielder for Ian Kinsler trade, but it totally makes sense for both sides. I do think that it will prevent the Tigers from winning the division this season though. By getting Fielder's contract off the books it will help them in years to come though.

The Cardinals and Angels basically traded outfielders who needed a fresh place to play. What's always interesting in these types of deals is the minor leaguer's that are included. Peter Bourjos for David Freese has been rumored for some time, so this was not a big surprise.

There were also a couple free agent acquisitions this week that could play out well. The Met's picked up Chris Young who really struggled last year, but showed signs of being a great player in 2010 when he was an all-star. If he can give them 25-30 homers this year, this may have been the best deal of the off season. It's going to be tough task though, Citi field is still a tough place to hit the ball out of.

The Royals also picked up a reclamation project in Jason Vargas. Vargas had been very good for Seattle from 2010-2012, but an injury last year cut his season short. The Royals just need someone to eat innings and not give up too many runs. If Vargas can stay healthy this will be a perfect match. That's the unknown though, you always take a chance with a player coming off an injury. I would have liked the Royals to go after a big bat or a solid number two. We'll will see how this turns out.

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