Friday, November 8, 2013

Off Season Plans: New York Mets

During the off season I will try to cover what teams are doing and what they aren't. To start off I will be talking about the Met's. The season didn't quite end the way the Met's had hoped when Matt Harvey injured himself and will likely miss the entire 2014 season. On the bright side Zack Wheeler looked solid after being called up, Dillon Gee had a good second half and Jonathon Niese showed promising signs as well. The Met's are in pretty good shape in the starting pitching department, even the bullpen is serviceable as is. There have been rumors about the Met's looking at adding another starter, but I would suggest that they get some bats first.

 The true obstacle for this team is in the outfield. They need an outfielder with power to hit behind David Wright so he can finally see some pitches to hit in key situations. The Met's mostly likely will go after Curtis Granderson or Jacoby Ellsbury. This makes sense but I wish there were other options for them. Granderson adds some pop to the lineup, but his batting average has been horrible for the past few years since getting a big contract. At a discounted rate this move might make sense, but the Met's need to explore other options like trading Danial Murphy or one of there minor league pitchers. Ellsbury is an interesting possibility. He has battled through injuries, but has a great upside. Maybe a change in leagues would also energize him? We will see.

When things start to warm up I will revisit what the Met's are doing.

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