Thursday, November 14, 2013

Off Season Plans: Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are a team that really maximized the free agent market last year. They were expected to be a last place team, so their moves slipped through the cracks when in came to media coverage. This year they will have to do an even better job and have some big decisions to make. With a good group of young infielders, the decision seems to be in the outfield. With all signs pointing toward Jacoby Ellsbury taking a big payday elsewhere center field will be the specific position that they need to fill.

Do the Red Sox just role the dice and go with youth to fill in for departures? For center field that might be a good plan. There is no reason for this team to go after a Curtis Granderson or Shin Soo-Choo. They will just find themselves over paying in a highly over valued market. They need to sit back and watch other teams make mistakes this off season. This is especial true in the infield where Xander Bogaerts deserves a shot at taking over for Stephen Drew.

The one thing that they could spend some money on is another veteran presence. They should have gone after Marlon Bryd to help in the outfield. Looking at whats out there they may have to put together a trade to get someone.

Pitching. A team can always use a few more arms. This is an area where they have the luxury of taking on a project. I would look at Ubaldo Jimenez or Josh Johnson. Low risk, high reward.

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