Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Off Season Plans: Kansas City Royals

After the best year in 2 decades the Kansas City Royals are on the cusp of making it back to the playoffs for the first time since 1985. So what does the team do in the off season to improve on last year? They need a power hitter, and that's pretty much it. With the best bullpen in the league last year and strong starting pitching, this team was just a few runs away from the wild card. Alex Gordon led the team with only 20 home runs in 2013. It is pretty much unheard of for an AL team to finish with 86 wins and have such a lack of power.

The team was successful due to speed, defense and clutch hitting, but to get to the next level they need a good old slugger. A recent story has brought up the possibility that Carlos Beltran would be open to coming back. This would be perfect for the team in multiple ways. Beltran was a fan favorite and a all around good guy for the organization. It also looks like he has shook the injuries that plagued him for a few years. If he could just give them 2-3 years it would be worth the investment on a longer deal.

There is also talk of Billy Butler being trade bait. Since they have Eric Hosmer at first it would make sense upgrading the DH position with more power. I know that a few fans would be disappointed, but to win some tough decisions need to be made. As the off season moves towards the winter meetings we will see if the Royals can make a move or two. I would expect something before spring training though. This is an organization that does not like to drag things out.

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